Pork For Sale

Pork For Sale

Today we just picked up our Pork.  It is vacuum packed and frozen.  We have Pork Chops @ $3.25 a lb, Spare Ribs @ $2.80 a lb, Sausage Loose @ $2.75 a lb, Stuffed Hot Sausage @ $3.50 a lb, Lard at $3.00 a lb, Pork Roast @ $2.00 a lb, Scapple @ $2.00 a lb, and a few Pork Steaks.  In two weeks we will have ham roasts @ $2.80 a lb, ham slices at $4.00 a lb, Bacon @ $6.00 a lb, and Ham Hocks @ $2.50 a lb.

If anyone is interested in a large mixed amount of pork, we can give a little bit of a discount.

Pork can be picked up today at our farm or anytime in the future as it is all in the freezer now, with the cured meat in two weeks.

We also have 6 organic laying hens available to be butchered now.

Lots of organic eggs.

Frozen Kiwi Pulp.

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