Flowers available this year.

Flowers available this year.

Our hanging baskets of wave petunias are $15.00.

We various flowers.  Packs of 4 are $2.00 or a flat of 48 (12- 4 packs) for $18.00.  2″ pots are $1.00 or a flat of 2″ (32 pots) for $25.00.  4″ pots are $3.00.

We have potted pansies with various prices.

We currently have Hanging Baskets of Wave Petunias and will also have some of Million Belles soon.

We have flats of dusty millers, polka dots, orange or yellow marigolds, and strawberry blonde marigolds.

We have 4″ pots of Wave Petunias, Regular Petunias, and Million Belles

We hope to have some other plants available soon.  If there is a certain kind of flower you would like, please let us know and we will try and get them for you.


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