Dr. Wallach

With more than 50 years experience in BioMedical Research, the credentials below are but a mere outline of the comprehensive, in-depth knowledge that Dr. Wallach possesses. Dr. Wallach is a true health champion: He has been the plaintiff or co-plaintiff in 8 complaints lodged against the FDA in Federal courts, and has been successful 7… Continue reading Dr. Wallach

Four Pillars of Health from Academy of Applied Epigenetics

Crimpson Crisp

  Four Pillars Of Health Eliminate negatives and increase positives The following negatives can interfere with nutrient absorption and retention and should be avoided. carbonated drinks caffeine high fiber diets high fat diets processed sugar and refined carbohydrates Why should you avoid these negatives? No Carbonated drinks – they are public enemy number one, whether it’s… Continue reading Four Pillars of Health from Academy of Applied Epigenetics

Sweet Potatoe Leaves

Sweet Potatoes

This year we have a friend who is raising sweet potatoes and has the leaves available for purchase.  We can have them at the Crystal Springs Farm Market on Rt 54 on Friday’s.  The market is open from 11 am until 8 pm.  Please let us know if you would like some sweet potatoe leaves. … Continue reading Sweet Potatoe Leaves

Eggplant today

green eggplant

We now have some eggplant available.  Little round green, little round purple, and long skinny purple.  We also hve hot peppers ready along with tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, candy onions, cabbage, garlic, lettuce ( heads of romaine and leaf), oregano, sage, mint, lemon balm, and dill.  Gongura will be ready shortly. We have frozen organic meat… Continue reading Eggplant today

Local Honey Available

We now have some more of the local honey that we sold last year from Aucker’s Apiary in Millville.  The price is $11.00 for a 2lb jar.  We have buckwheat, orange blossom, clover, wild flower, and blueberry.  We can also get them in 1 lb jars and 5 lb jars.  1 lb jars are $6.00. … Continue reading Local Honey Available