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Day 4 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

Dr Wallach – The human being has the genetic potential to live healthily to be over a 100 years; I’m going to prove that to you in just a minute. Unfortunately Americans do a lousy job when it come to longevity. We have the most expensive, the most envied and the most technologically advanced health…Continue Reading

Day 3 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

Dr Wallach – After graduating veterinarian school, I went to Africa for a couple of years and got to work with Marlin Perkins–the host from the old Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom TV show. I used a tranquilizer gun, tromp all over central and south Africa. After a couple of years Marlin sent me a…Continue Reading

Pickled Onions

We have a special on pickled onions. They are very delicious and can be eaten directly out of the jar or added to your favorite meal. They need to be pre ordered by Feb 13th and we will have them available for Feb 14th thru Feb 17th at this special price. Pints will be $3.00…Continue Reading

Eggs and Chickens for Sale

We currently have one dozen of duck eggs and a lot of chicken eggs for sale. Our Laying Hens and our Ducks are fed organic feed. The duck eggs are $5.00 and the chicken eggs are $4.00 a dozen or $3.50 a dozen if you buy 10 dozen or more. We still have a few…Continue Reading

Day 1 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

Dr Joel Wallach is uniquely qualified to teach us about our ability to remain healthy and live a long life. Having practiced and been educated as both a veterinarian and physician, he witnessed first hand the significance of diet and nutrition in both instances. In addition, as part of an extensive research program funded by…Continue Reading

Gifts for Christmas

We have lots of canned goods available.  Some are already gift wrapped for easy gift giving.  We can also make up gift boxes. We also have some organic produce available.  Turnips, red onions, red potatoes, Yukon gold potatoes, garlic, sweet potatoes. We have a few none organic golden crisp apples. We have some organic eggs.Continue Reading

Organic Canned Good Special

Organic Canned Good Special

Buy 5 organic canned goods of any size and get one pint sized organic canned good of your choice free. We have organic canned goods that are individually gift wrapped for all your holiday giving needs. Most of our canned goods have been canned for us by Rachael at Pine Grove Canned Goods. We also…Continue Reading

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