Day 11 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

Now this is my very favoirte one. This gal, Masumi Dusti from Iran died January of 1995 at the age of 161, according to the Rocky Mountain News Wire Service out of Denver and the Iranian News agency. Now you have to give a certain amount of credibility to this obituary report, because six living children, ranging in ages from 120 to 128, survive her. Her oldest son, Golem, said his mother had never visited a doctor nor taken any chemical medications during her life, but did take a few herbs. Most of them are from third world countries, they’re the furthest away from medical help and they live to be old. The last one we want to look at is from the National Geographic Society, which comes out with a monthly magazine, and in January of 1973 they came out with an issue on longevity. They looked at cultures whose people have lived to be 120, and they documented the oldest living human being they could find based on their criteria. This fellow by the name of Shiraui Mismulaf from Azerbaijan, a little country just south of Russian Georgia in Western Russia, they documented him as being 167 years old and they had a half page picture of him actually harvesting tea leaves at a tea plantation, still working eight hours a day, six days a week. Five months later, May of 1973 Shirauri Mismulaf turns 168, goes out and hoes the garden for reporters to show how vigorous he is. Now for aat least fifty, maybe seventy years, medical doctors in America have ben pooh-poohing the idea that you could live beyond 100 years and anybody who tried to teach people they have the genetic potential to live over a 100, were considered charlatans or quacks.

Day 10 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

Now if you do everything right–how old can you live to be? Is it worth all the effort? I believe it is. Here’s one–Christian Mortensen from San Rafael, CA in August 1996 turned 114, he’s still going strong, he certainly could live to be 115 and he smokes a couple of cigars a day. Another gal–Dora Ramathebe from South Africa in July of 1995 turned 114 and when she was asked by the media, ‘Dora, what do yo attribute your health and longevity to?’ She did not say we owe it all to our annual physical or HMO, she said “I ate locusts’ everyday.” She’s not a vegetarian, but eats little animals, pumpkin seeds, totoise meat, wild herbs and dried fruit and starts each day with a cup of coffee. Another gal Margaret Skeets from Radford, VA, in 1994 was the oldest documented living American when she died at the age 115, she fell and fractured her hip, three weeks later she was dead from complications of Osteoporosis, a simple Calcium deficiency. Unfortunately this is not unusual, 75% of all Americans over the age of sixty-five who fracture a hip or major leg bone don’t live ninety days, they die of Pneumonia, Plumonary Embolism, stroke and other complications of the fracture. Susie Brunson, according to her family in December of 1994 was the oldest American when she died at age 123. They base their claim on her birht date, December 25, 1870, which was recorded in the family Bible. And Francisco Barras Nuevo Chaperone, he is from a little town outside of Bogota, Columbia, October 1995 he turned 125. When he was asked by the media, ‘Francisco, what do you attribute your health and longevity to?’ He said, ‘well I drink a gallon of goat’s milk everyday.’ Now Hamudi el Abdulay from Syria, died at age 133 and he was still fathering children after the age of one hundred. He remarried for the fourth time when he was age eighty, fathered four boys, five girls–nine children after the age of eighty with the same wife. If you add up the pregnancies and the breast feedings, the time in between pregnancies, he was still father children after the age of one hundred.

Day 9 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

A lot of people ask me, why did you call your original tape ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie?’ I was very disappointed when I learned doctors know little about health, longevity or diseases. They do know how to fix broken bones or how to do a CAT scan. So I began to look in the medical journals and sure enough the first article ever published on health and longevity of American doctors was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in June 15, 1895. They said at that time doctors lived to be 54.6 years. I re-did the study in January 20, 1993 using the same obituary techniques they did in JAMA, and it turned out doctors lived to be 57.6. I rounded it up to 58 to give them the benefit of the doubt and doctors just went berserk. I purposely put that figure out there, 58, to try and challenge people. Doctors immediately looked at all the insurance actuarial charts, of 250,000 dead doctors and they said, ‘doctors don’t live to be 58, they die at 62.’ We actually re-ran this study again by using the entire obituary history of all doctors who died in 1996 of medical treatments, drugs, procedures and transplants–doctors in that study lived to be 70, still 5 1/2 years short of the average couch potato in america. They still haven’t proven that doctors live as long as everybody else and that’s why ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.’

Day 8 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

The medical profession has this belief that you can get everything you need from your four food groups. My favorite article of all time was published April 6, 1992, TIME magazine cover article, ‘The Real Power of Vitamins–New research shows it may help fight Cancer, heart Disease and the ravages of aging.’ Six positive pages. If you haven’t read it, I urge you to go to a public or school library and read it. There’s only one negative sentence by a medical doctor. The writer of the article contacted Dr. Victor Herbert, a professor of medicine at New York City’s Mount Sinai Medical School and he was asked, ‘what do you think about vitamins and minerals and trace minerals as supplements for human nutrition?’ Here’s what he said, “popping vitamins doesn’t do any good, we get all the vitamins we need in our diets, taking supplements just gives you expensive urine.” Now Missouri translation of that is you’re peeing away your money. Well I’d rather pee out fifty cents or a dollar a day of excess vitamins and minerals a day to maintain and repair my body, that’s cheap insurance. Think of how much money you spend on negative things like coffee and soft drinks every day. Just remember when you pay that doctor out of your own pocket or indirectly through insurance, taxes or Medicare. Not a single penny of Medicaid goes to better understand, manage, treat, prevent or cure catastrophic diseases in kid, breast cancer or prostate cancer.

Day 7 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

Concept number two, you want to take all the ninety essential nutrients, which include sixty minerals, sixteen vitamins, twelve essential amino acids and three essential fatty acids, of which two are essential. They’re called essential nutrient for two reasons. Number one–your body cannot manufacture them, you must consume these everyday, either as food or as supplements. If any one of these essential nutrients is missing for a couple of months or years, you get on the average ten deficiency diseases.

Click on this link 90 essential nutrients for more info.

Day 6 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

No matter how you look at health and longevity whether it is in animals or human beings there’s only two concepts you have to deal with. Concept number one, I refer to as — avoid stepping on the land mines. You don’t want to smoke, abuse alcohol, drugs, or jog down a highway at two o’clock in the morning wearing an all black ninja suit, because you might get hit by a truck, right? Whenever a doctor says, ‘here’s our options’ never say–‘Doc, whatever you say, you’re the doctor.’ What you want to say is, “look Doc, I want copies of all the records, tests, x-rays and visit three other doctors and hospitals and I want to talk to twelve of their living patients that had gone through this same procedure.” Talk to them and see if you really want to go through what they have been through. You ask for references before a contractor repairs your driveway, roof or fence. Get references from other patients before you decide on any treatment.