Canned Goods Available

Canned Goods Available

We will have available this year Pine Grove Canned Goods which are registered with the PA Dept of Ag and can be sold at markets off the farm.  Rachael Peachy is the Amish Lady who will be canning for us.  As our nutrient dense organic produce becomes available, she will be canning with our produce.  She also will be using other organic produce that we do not raise ourselves.  But for the moment, there will be some items available that are not organic and we have listed what is organic and what is not.  She uses raw cane sugar.

Here is a list of the canned goods available as of now.  Jams are in 1/2 pints.  Everything else is in pints and some of these are also in quarts.  We have to verify what is in quarts.   You can email us at to place your order and we will bring those items with u, to market, just for you.  You can order any quantity, individual or by the case.  There are 12 jars in a case and you can order a case at a time of the same or mixed items.  Cases can be of quarts or pints and/or 1/2 pints.  Price for organic cases will be $80.00 for quarts and $48.00 for pints and/or 1/2 pints.  Non organic cases will be $40.00 for pints and/or half pints and $75.00 for quarts.

We also still have some of our owned canned items which can be purchased at the farm.  We can also deliver them to you off the farm, but cannot have them out for sale.  We have organic applesauce, beets in water, bean chow chow, tomato chow chow, hot chow chow, hot veg. mix, apple kiwi sauce, kiwi jam, quince jam, and salsa.

We will have available for purchase canning jars.  Quarts (wide mouth and regular), Pints (wide mouth and regular), and 1/2 pints regular.  Regular Pints with lids will be $8.00 a dozen and Regular Quarts with lids will be $10.00 a dozen.  Will post prices of widemouth and 1/2 pints shortly.  The small mouth jars take special  lids which do not rust like the rings and other lids.

We also now have organic vegetable soup and tomatoe soup available by the quarts.  Our own Corn Relish and Sweet Hot Hoagie Relish are both now approved by the Dept of Ag for resale and is being made for us by Rachael Peachy.

Pine Grove Organic 1/2 pt Pints Quarts
Canned Goods
Apple Butter $5.00
Apple Butter, Sugar Free $5.00
Beets, Pickled x $5.00 $8.00
Cauliflower, Pickled $4.00 $7.00
Chow, Chow x $5.00 $8.00
Four Bean Salad x $5.00 $8.00
Horseradish x $5.00
Hot Pepper Slices x $5.00 $8.00
Hot Veg. Mix $4.00 $7.00
Jam, Blueberry x $5.00
Jam, Crabapple x $5.00
Jam, Eldeberry x $5.00
Jam, Hot Pepper x $5.00
Jam, Peach $5.00
Jam, Pepper $5.00
Jam, Red Raspberry x $5.00
Jam, Strawberry x $5.00
Jam, Strawberry/Rhubarb x $5.00
Jelly, Black Rasperry x $5.00
Jelly, Blackberry x $5.00
Ketchup x $5.00 $8.00
Peaches $5.00 $8.00
Pickles, 7 day sweet x $5.00 $8.00
Pickles, Baby Dills x $5.00 $8.00
Pickles, Banana x $5.00 $8.00
Pickles, Bread n Butter x $5.00 $8.00
Pickles, Kosher Dill x $5.00 $8.00
Pickles, Lime x $5.00 $8.00
Pickles, Sweet x $5.00 $8.00
Pickles, Sweet Dill x $5.00 $8.00
Pickles, Sweet Slices x $5.00 $8.00
Relish, Corn x $5.00 $8.00
Relish, Hot Dog $4.00 $7.00
Relish, Pickle $4.00 $7.00
Relish, Sweet Pepper $4.00 $7.00
Relish, Zucchini $4.00 $7.00
Stuffed Peppers x $5.00 $8.00




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