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Delivery to Bloomsburg, PA  YMCA

Delivery to Bloomsburg, PA YMCA

New Creations Farm now has permission and will begin deliveries to Bloomsburg YMCA this Saturday Morning at 11 AM to the parking lot in the corner where we were located for Greenwood Farm Market.

Orders need to be placed by Wednesday evening for most items and by Monday evening for fresh baked Einkorn products.

We have a good selection of organic vegetables, eggs from our organic fed chickens, canned goods, eikorn baked goods, honey, maple syrup, all grass fed cheeses and milk, non organic apples and cider, frozen organic meat chickens, and goat meat.

We are also taking orders for organic hamburger which will be available in the near future. Price should be about $5 a lb.

We also have order forms that we can email to you to help with ordering or you can place your order on our website. Items available are subject to change without notice depending availability.

There will be a $5 delivery fee on orders less that $50.00.

Randy Kile – 570-441-6341 – call or text

e-mail at

Organic Meat Chickens

Organic Meat Chickens

This Friday. Fresh butchered meat chickens. Whole birds $3.75 a lb. Cut up birds $4.00 a lb. Skinned and cut up small $4.25 a lb. Chickens are fed certified organic feed and are also free range. Please place your order by Thursday night for fresh ones. Otherwise they will be frozen whole with skin on.Continue Reading

Pickled Onions

We have a special on pickled onions. They are very delicious and can be eaten directly out of the jar or added to your favorite meal. They need to be pre ordered by Feb 13th and we will have them available for Feb 14th thru Feb 17th at this special price. Pints will be $3.00…Continue Reading

Organic Canned Good Special

Organic Canned Good Special

Buy 5 organic canned goods of any size and get one pint sized organic canned good of your choice free. We have organic canned goods that are individually gift wrapped for all your holiday giving needs. Most of our canned goods have been canned for us by Rachael at Pine Grove Canned Goods. We also…Continue Reading

Farm Fresh Brown Eggs

Farm Fresh Brown Eggs

Farm Fresh Brown Eggs on sale this week. This week we have non organic farm fresh brown eggs at special pricing.  Purchase 10 dozen or more and the price this week is $1.00 a dozen.  1 to 9 dozen are only $2.00 a dozen.  Please bring cartons or containers to put your eggs in. We…Continue Reading

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