Sweet Potatoe Leaves

Sweet Potatoes

This year we have a friend who is raising sweet potatoes and has the leaves available for purchase.  We can have them at the Crystal Springs Farm Market on Rt 54 on Friday’s.  The market is open from 11 am until 8 pm.  Please let us know if you would like some sweet potatoe leaves. … Continue reading Sweet Potatoe Leaves

Eggplant today

green eggplant

We now have some eggplant available.  Little round green, little round purple, and long skinny purple.  We also hve hot peppers ready along with tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, candy onions, cabbage, garlic, lettuce ( heads of romaine and leaf), oregano, sage, mint, lemon balm, and dill.  Gongura will be ready shortly. We have frozen organic meat… Continue reading Eggplant today

Local Honey Available

We now have some more of the local honey that we sold last year from Aucker’s Apiary in Millville.  The price is $11.00 for a 2lb jar.  We have buckwheat, orange blossom, clover, wild flower, and blueberry.  We can also get them in 1 lb jars and 5 lb jars.  1 lb jars are $6.00. … Continue reading Local Honey Available

Still have a lot of produce available

Organic Apples

In spite of the snow and cold temps we still have a lot of organic produce for sale. We have fresh organic apples, kale, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, cilantro, beets, tomatoes, peppers, hot peppers, val padi beans, cabbage, butternut squash, kaboucha squash, broccoli, bitter gourds, dark green bottle gourds, and spinach. We can also… Continue reading Still have a lot of produce available

Organic Apple Cider

Organic Apples Fuji, Ida Red, Nova Spy, Enterprise, and a few others. Organic apple cider tonight Still have some produce available. Tomatoes radish lettuce spinach carrots garlic beets potatoes cauliflower broccoli peppers hot peppers onions sweet pot frozen kiwi honey turnips   In need of clean used egg cartons.

Produce Today

Organic Produce

20 lbs of ridge gourd 4 lb of okra 1 bottle gourd lots of sponge gourd 3 lb bitter gourd 20 lbs + of eggplant lots of organic apples lots of Gongura Chard, cilantro, and hot peppers 1/2 bu of val padi beans honey 1 whole meat chicken with skin on 1 cut up meat… Continue reading Produce Today

Today at NCF


Organic Winter Squash and Organic Pie Pumpkins Butternut, Acorn,  and Spaghetti Squash We can get organic Kabocha and Delicata Squash also Lots of organic Kiwi Berries.  Will not be available much longer. Lots of organic apples.  New varieties arriving this weekend. Lots of Val Padi Beans. Many other vegetables available. Stop by and seen our large… Continue reading Today at NCF