Organic Apples

Organic Apples

Organic Apples We are starting to get a larger selection of organic apples. We now have in both small and large quantities a good variety of apples. At the present time we have Macintosh, Gala, Crimson Sweet, Courtland, and a few Honey Crisp. Many more varieties will be coming soon.  Like Macoun, Empire, Jonagold, crimson gold, enterprise, northern… Continue reading Organic Apples

Organic Kiwi Berries

organic kiwi berries

Organic Kiwi Berries Organic Kiwi Berries are a One-of-a-kind…fruit unequaled in taste and nutrition and grown organically so it is safe for you to eat! Refrigerate your kiwi berries after purchase and they will keep up to two weeks. For an optimum flavor experience Kiwi Berries should be ripened at room temperature. Their skin will… Continue reading Organic Kiwi Berries

Val Padi Beans at The Blind Pig Kitchen

The Blind Pig Kitchen in Bloomsburg will be serving our organic val padi beans this week. Stop by their restaurant and enjoy some val padi beans and all the other local food that they serve. You can see more about them by clicking on their website link here at Blind Pig Kitchen.  

Organic Apples and Organic Kiwi Berries

organic kiwi berries

Organic Apples and Organic Kiwi Berries We currently have Organic Apples and Organic Kiwi Berries available now. Large amounts are also available The Kiwi Berries are from the kiwi farm next door to us and are the passion popper variety. We have honey, bee pollen, and honey sticks from Auckers Apiary in Millville. The organic apples… Continue reading Organic Apples and Organic Kiwi Berries

Organic Sweet Corn

Organic Gardens

Today we have: 3 quarts of val padi beans 6 ridge gourds 1 snake gourd some bitter gourds Lots of eggplant A few watermelon.  More soon.  Seedless red, seedless yellow, and seeded red.  Very delicious.    

Organic produce today

New Creations Farm

Lots of organic produce today. 3 quarts of val padi beans fresh and 2 1/2 qts in the refrigerator. Lots of eggplant, some cilantro, some red or white gongura chard, lots of kale, red beets, zucchini, yellow summer squash hot peppers, peppers (capsicum), candy onions, cooking onions, potatoes, lots of green beans, a few sweet… Continue reading Organic produce today