Vegetables – Farm Fresh

Naturally Grown

We have a variety of Vegetables that we will be selling through out the growing season.

They have no weed killers and we only use organic pest control.

We are striving to grow all our vegetables as naturally as possible.

Vegetables we grow – click here

We are currently in the process of going to all untreated seeds.

So for now we will be raising separate plots.

We will keep seperate the ones grown with treated seeds from the ones without treated seeds.

We will be using all natural products to give our produce a much higher nutritional value.

 Some of the products we will be using are Great Grow Soil Amendment, from Great Grow,

and NutriCal (organic calcium and nitrogen), wood chips.

For more on why we use wood chips – click here for Back to Eden Film.

Canned Vegetables – Ready to purchase now

Try some of our summer vegetables and fruit already canned for your enjoyment.

We look forward to seeing you again this summer during produce season.

Please visit pick your own for all your canning and freezing needs.

This website has lots of great information about canning and freezing of vegetables.

We can also take your order for cases of canned goods.

Then when we have processed them, they will be ready for your pickup.

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