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Home Delivered Organically Grown Food

We are trying to start up a home delivery of organically grown vegetables, eggs, honey, maple syrup, dried beans, and canned goods, along with a few other items. These are all grown by local farmers that we are friends with. We can make up a box of food as needed but would like to have weekly deliveries to each town or area.

There would be a $5.00 per stop delivery fee for now. When we get a large amount to deliver in one area we will be able to lower the delivery cost. Items would have to be pre ordered ahead of time online at our website, and can be paid online and over the phone using a credit card. There is a 4% handling fee for card use or no fee using friend to friend pay pal.

We have at the moment available for delivery the following items.

Carrots – $3.50 a bunch, Lettuce – $4.00 a bag, Spinach – $4.50 a bag, Kale – $4.00 a bag, Micro Greens – $6.00 a bag, Red Beets – $4.00 a quart, Onions – $3.00 a quart, Garlic – .75 each, Sweet Potatoes – $1.75 a lb, Red Potatoes – $3.00 a quart or $6.00 a 1/2 peck, Yukon Gold Potatoes – $3.50 a quart or $7.00 a 1/2 peck and Turnips – $1.75 a lb. There may also be a few other veggies that might be available. If there is something you are specifically looking for, just let us know.

Farm Fresh Brown Eggs from our organic fed laying chickens – $4.00 a dozen.

We also have lots of canned goods to choose from which are listed on the website under canned goods.

We have local natural honey available. We have clover, wild flower, blueberry, orange blossom, and buckwheat. They are available in 16 oz for $6.00, 32 oz for $11.00, some are available in 5 lb and gallon sizes. We will have to check on these sizes, availability and price if anyone is interested in larger quantities.

Other organic or all natural products that we have access to for delivery will be Organic Maple Syrup – $10.00 a pint or $6.00 a 1/2 pint, All Natural Cornmeal – $2.00 a lb, and certified organic dried beans – $4.00 a lb.

We also can supply bread. Sourdough Einkorn Bread at $4.50 a large loaf and $3.50 a small loaf, and Whole Wheat Bread at $3.50 loaf.

We are also working on having organic meat chicken available for delivery. They can be whole or parts. Will post pricing once we confirm that chickens will be available on a regular basis.

We can also set you up with a CSA if anyone would be interested in getting a share on a regular basis. There are a few shares available for spring, but will be a lot available for Summer, Fall, and Winter. Please message us at jomm777@gmail.com or text me at 570-441-6341 if you would like more info on this CSA and the options it offers.

Feel free to message us with orders, questions, or comments at jomm777@gmail.com or text Randy at 570-441-6341. We are continuing to strive to help provide our area with the most healthy and best tasting food available.

Randy and Tonia Kile. New Creations Farm. 73 Murphy Rd, Danville, PA 17821. 570-441-6341

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