Healthy Living

Your Food, Your Body, Healthy Living

Is your body healthy?  Would you like a  healthy living life? Are you eating the right Foods?  Are there enough nutrients in the food you are eating.  Organic food is a good start, but not the total answer.  Nutrient Dense Food is very important, but even when our food is high in nutrient density, we still cannot eat enough to keep our bodies totally healthy and free from sickness and disease. You can also learn more by clicking on our link nutrient dense food We need to supplement with other essential nutrients, some of which are no longer found in most of our foods, but still exist in some parts of the earth.

We are not what we eat.  We are what we absorb.  

Healthy living truly starts with what our bodies can absorb.  Check out this short video on the beginning of digestion.

To take a health survey to see how you can improve your healthy living, please visit Health Survey There you can fill out a survey that will help you know how to eat better and what nutrients your body is lacking.

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