Nutrient Dense Food


The law of minimum and nutrient dense food.  This video link talks about plants, but also applies to our bodies. It really does matter.

Why settle for food with little or no nutritional value when you can be eating nutrient dense food.  Nutrient dense food has more nutrients available that our bodies need.  Taste will be greatly improved.  But as much as we can increase nutrient density in our produce, we still need to have higher amounts of not only the nutrients found in our food, but we also need nutrients that are not found in high enough levels in our food.  Here is a link to a list of nutrients our body needs.  90 essential nutrients

Higher Nutrient Dense Food is obtained by feeding the plants the nutrients that the plants really need to make healthier food.  First you have to start by not using any chemicals of any kind on your soil and plants.  Second you should use organic grown plants.  Third you have to add organic and naturally available nutrients for your plants.  Most soils do not have available the nutrients that are needed.  The best and most complete nutrients come from plant derived minerals.

Nutrient Density of food is measure by the Brix found in fruit and vegetables.  Brix measures the sugars, that are good for our bodies, in fruits and vegetables. This is done by taking a sample of the liquid and using a refractometer.  The higher the Brix, the higher the Nutrient density of the food.  As we raise the Brix in our foods, we have no need of the processed sugars of any kind that are bad for our bodies.

Creating Nutrient Dense Food

This is what we are doing here at New Creations Farm.  We are using nutrients that will raise the nutrient level in our produce which means you will be getting higher nutrient dense food and your body will really appreciate it.  To learn more about some of the nutrients we use go to Plant Nutrients

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