Great Grow Soil Amendment

New Creations Farm
New Creations Farm

See the difference in your Vegetable Garden, Flower Garden, Turf, Hay, and Farm Crops with Great Grow Soil Amendments.

New Creations Farm is a Distributor for this product.

Prices this year for Great Grow Soil Amendment are as follows. 1 lb for $2.00, 5 lb for $10.00, 50 lb for $90.00 and 100 lb for $175.00. Prepaid orders by April 1 will be as follows. 5 lb for $9.00, 50 lb for $85.00 and 100 lb for $165.00. For tax exempt prices and ton prices, please contact Randy for special pricing.

Randy’s number is 570-441-6341 or email him at

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