“Dirt” verses “Healthy Soil”

What is the Difference Between “Dirt” and “Healthy Soil”?

Typically, a teaspoonful of heathy soil contains approximately 10,000 different varieties of beneficial bacteria and thousands of varieties of beneficial fungi and protozoa which are destroyed by human and natural causes.  GreatGrow’s products restore these beneficial populations to the soil, leading to an increase in plants’ nutrient intake that is sustained throughout the growing season.

Healthy soils enable growers to significantly increase their profits.  Higher revenues come from increased crop quality and higher yields.  Input costs are reduced for fertilizers, water, and crop protection chemicals.

Dirt contains a predominance of anaerobic or inactive microbes that actually collapse soil structure, leading to compacted soil which supports the growth of organisms that are pathogenic to humans, animals, and plants.  Dirt supports the germination and growth of weed seeds.

With GreatGrow amendments, the soil and plant surface is repopulated with beneficial organisms that build healthy soil structure and, ultimately, healthy plants.

These organisms are delivered in a granular “safe harbor” environment (safe from soil – applied fungicides, pesticides and herbicides) through a proprietary carbon release method that GreatGrow Inc. created.

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