Winners at our Fundraiser

Here are the winners of the 50/50 and the Chinese Auctions. We will be contacting the winners to make arrangements for pick up of winnings. You can also contact us at 570-854-1708 if you see you won before we are able to call you tomorrow.
50/50 – Erin Casner.

Chinese Auctions.
Clark’s Pet and Feed – Mary Beyer,
Cleaning Products – Krissie Whitenight Gallagher
Dog Treats – Andrew Bower,
Movie Night – Sonya Cope,
Flipping Back to Bloom – Erin Casner,
Avon 2 – Capria Fish,
Avon 1 – Debbie Brady,
Snowman – Adam Latchford,
Afgan – Jen English,
Ball – Riley M,
Newborn – Lilly Brady,
Olivie Garden, Adam Latchford,
Papered Chef – Nicole Fenstermacher,
Scentsy 3 – Lilly Brady,
Scentsy 2 – Rachel Hidlay,
Scentsy 1 – J. Mercedes Hawkins

Thanks to all you donated items for the auctions, as well as the event.
We will be posting our donation amount to our three non profit org soon.

We also have cupcakes, large cookies, muffins, and candy apples for sale this weekend

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