Day 4 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

Dr Wallach – The human being has the genetic potential to live healthily to be over a 100 years; I’m going to prove that to you in just a minute. Unfortunately Americans do a lousy job when it come to longevity. We have the most expensive, the most envied and the most technologically advanced health care system in the world. Our average lifespan in the United States is 75.5–about half of what we’re genetically capable of. In 1990 the World Health Organization examined the top thirty-two industrialized nations on earth/ the United States came out seventeenth. We ranked nineteenth in healthfulness–before they develop hear disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis. We ranked twenty-third when it came to live births and first year of survivability of babies and we ranked dead last when it came to preventing birth defects.

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