Day 6 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

No matter how you look at health and longevity whether it is in animals or human beings there’s only two concepts you have to deal with. Concept number one, I refer to as — avoid stepping on the land mines. You don’t want to smoke, abuse alcohol, drugs, or jog down a highway at two o’clock in the morning wearing an all black ninja suit, because you might get hit by a truck, right? Whenever a doctor says, ‘here’s our options’ never say–‘Doc, whatever you say, you’re the doctor.’ What you want to say is, “look Doc, I want copies of all the records, tests, x-rays and visit three other doctors and hospitals and I want to talk to twelve of their living patients that had gone through this same procedure.” Talk to them and see if you really want to go through what they have been through. You ask for references before a contractor repairs your driveway, roof or fence. Get references from other patients before you decide on any treatment.

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