Day 8 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

The medical profession has this belief that you can get everything you need from your four food groups. My favorite article of all time was published April 6, 1992, TIME magazine cover article, ‘The Real Power of Vitamins–New research shows it may help fight Cancer, heart Disease and the ravages of aging.’ Six positive pages. If you haven’t read it, I urge you to go to a public or school library and read it. There’s only one negative sentence by a medical doctor. The writer of the article contacted Dr. Victor Herbert, a professor of medicine at New York City’s Mount Sinai Medical School and he was asked, ‘what do you think about vitamins and minerals and trace minerals as supplements for human nutrition?’ Here’s what he said, “popping vitamins doesn’t do any good, we get all the vitamins we need in our diets, taking supplements just gives you expensive urine.” Now Missouri translation of that is you’re peeing away your money. Well I’d rather pee out fifty cents or a dollar a day of excess vitamins and minerals a day to maintain and repair my body, that’s cheap insurance. Think of how much money you spend on negative things like coffee and soft drinks every day. Just remember when you pay that doctor out of your own pocket or indirectly through insurance, taxes or Medicare. Not a single penny of Medicaid goes to better understand, manage, treat, prevent or cure catastrophic diseases in kid, breast cancer or prostate cancer.

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