Day 9 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

A lot of people ask me, why did you call your original tape ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie?’ I was very disappointed when I learned doctors know little about health, longevity or diseases. They do know how to fix broken bones or how to do a CAT scan. So I began to look in the medical journals and sure enough the first article ever published on health and longevity of American doctors was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in June 15, 1895. They said at that time doctors lived to be 54.6 years. I re-did the study in January 20, 1993 using the same obituary techniques they did in JAMA, and it turned out doctors lived to be 57.6. I rounded it up to 58 to give them the benefit of the doubt and doctors just went berserk. I purposely put that figure out there, 58, to try and challenge people. Doctors immediately looked at all the insurance actuarial charts, of 250,000 dead doctors and they said, ‘doctors don’t live to be 58, they die at 62.’ We actually re-ran this study again by using the entire obituary history of all doctors who died in 1996 of medical treatments, drugs, procedures and transplants–doctors in that study lived to be 70, still 5 1/2 years short of the average couch potato in america. They still haven’t proven that doctors live as long as everybody else and that’s why ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.’

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