Day 10 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

Now if you do everything right–how old can you live to be? Is it worth all the effort? I believe it is. Here’s one–Christian Mortensen from San Rafael, CA in August 1996 turned 114, he’s still going strong, he certainly could live to be 115 and he smokes a couple of cigars a day. Another gal–Dora Ramathebe from South Africa in July of 1995 turned 114 and when she was asked by the media, ‘Dora, what do yo attribute your health and longevity to?’ She did not say we owe it all to our annual physical or HMO, she said “I ate locusts’ everyday.” She’s not a vegetarian, but eats little animals, pumpkin seeds, totoise meat, wild herbs and dried fruit and starts each day with a cup of coffee. Another gal Margaret Skeets from Radford, VA, in 1994 was the oldest documented living American when she died at the age 115, she fell and fractured her hip, three weeks later she was dead from complications of Osteoporosis, a simple Calcium deficiency. Unfortunately this is not unusual, 75% of all Americans over the age of sixty-five who fracture a hip or major leg bone don’t live ninety days, they die of Pneumonia, Plumonary Embolism, stroke and other complications of the fracture. Susie Brunson, according to her family in December of 1994 was the oldest American when she died at age 123. They base their claim on her birht date, December 25, 1870, which was recorded in the family Bible. And Francisco Barras Nuevo Chaperone, he is from a little town outside of Bogota, Columbia, October 1995 he turned 125. When he was asked by the media, ‘Francisco, what do you attribute your health and longevity to?’ He said, ‘well I drink a gallon of goat’s milk everyday.’ Now Hamudi el Abdulay from Syria, died at age 133 and he was still fathering children after the age of one hundred. He remarried for the fourth time when he was age eighty, fathered four boys, five girls–nine children after the age of eighty with the same wife. If you add up the pregnancies and the breast feedings, the time in between pregnancies, he was still father children after the age of one hundred.

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