Nutrient Dense Organic Plants for Sale


Get earlier harvest, enjoy larger yields, and save money in the long run when you purchase our well established plants in 4, 6, or 12 inch pots. Two years ago we harvested 25 lbs of yellow cherry tomatoes off of one plant. We started with a plant in a 6″ pot. We also used organicide and nutrical on this plant on a biweekly basis throughout the growing season, and we added 2 more tablespoons of the soil amendment with coffee grounds about half way thru the growing season.  We currently are using Fertrell Super N, Youngevity’s Bloomin Minerals and Youngevity’s Liquid EFM with Macicrop Seaweed Mix..  For a look at some of our plants in our greenhouse click here.

Our Nutrient Dense Organic Vegetable Plants this year will be as follows. We will have, Tomatoes (Roma, Supersteak, Big Beef, Red Duece, Golden Jubilee, Yellow Pear, Cherry- (red & yellow), Peppers — (Green, Mini Red, Yellow, & Orange), Hot peppers — (Cherry, Jalapeno, Agri, Mohenni, & Cayenne), Cucumbers (Pickling & Slicers), Cabbage, Purple Cabbage, Broccoli, Kale, Swiss Chard, Squash (Zucchini, Golden Zucchini, Yellow Summer, Acorn), Asparagus, Watermelon, & Cantaloupe. This year again we will have some crops from India. We will have Sambar yellow cucumbers, Gongura Chard, Bottlegourds, Ridgegourds, Bitter Gourd, Snake Gourds, Val Padi Beans, Indian Okra, and Eggplant (Ratna, small round purple & Shiva, long purple) and small round green.

We will have some plants available in 6, and 4, containers, by the flat which would be 72, or 48, and lots of 2 inch, 4 inch, 8 inch and 12 inch pots. We start most plants in pots which hold 6 plants and then transplant them into larger pots. When we transplant them, we add Organic Nutrients. This makes for very nice healthy strong plants to plant in your garden. If you purchase them in larger 4, 8, 12 inch pots, they are much farther along and will produce much sooner.

1204, or 1206 containers will be $2.00 each container, Flats will be $18.00. Two Inch Pots will be $1.00 or a flat of 32 pots for $25.00, four inch pots will be $2.00, eight inch pots will be $7.00, and 12 inch pots will be $12.00 each. Plus Sales Tax when applicable. We can give some discount on preorders that are prepaid. Call for details. You are always welcome to mix flats.  We also have wire cages for $7.00 for your vine tomatoes plants that will grow tall.

We also raise a few flowers and this year they are: Marigolds, Zinnias, and Morning Glories.

Our herbs include: Basil, Parsley, Oregano, Sage, Cilantro, Fenugreek, & Spearmint.

We also have lilac bushes, decorative grass, hosta, irises, airplane plants, aloe vera, and some other miscellaneous plants.

We have lots of Organic Sparkle Strawberry Plants.  We have them by the piece, in 2″ pots, or in hanging baskets.  They are $8.00 for a hanging basket, $1.00 for 2″ pots, $1.00 per bare root for 1-24, $.50 per bare root for 25-99 plants, and $.40 per bare root for 100 or more bare roots.  Bare roots have 2-3 green leaves on them already and are from chemically free plants from our own garden. The potted ones already have nutrients added to them.  Order yours today.

Sparkle berries are one of the sweetest berries available.  They have a very deep red color to them.  Even though they are a smaller berry, it is hard to find a larger berry with this kind of sweetness.  And when you keep raising them in an organic garden the sweetness will increase.  They are great for strawberry shortcake and making strawberry jam.

We here at New Creations Farm look forward to meeting all your strawberry plant needs this year.  Bare roots, potted plants and hanging baskets can be purchased this spring.  Orders can also be placed for pick up to ensure your plants are ready when you arrive.

Our plants are all grown in chemical free soil and environment.  Some of the products we will be using are Fertrell Super N (4-2-4) and Aragonite.  We also use Youngevity’s Bloomin Minerals.  These products help make our plants much healthier and get them off to a great start when you plant them in your garden.

We also sell some of the organic nutrients that we use.

Vegetable Variety Vine Color Hybrid 12″ 8″ 4″ 2″ 1204/1206 Total
    Bush    Heirloom $12.00 $7.00 $2.00 $1.00 $2.00 3383
Arugula Astro 0
Asparagus Mary Washington Heirloom 3 78 24 105
Basil Genovese Heirloom 39 50 89
Beans Green Jade Heirloom 19 23 42
Broccoli Heirloom 60 60
Cabbage Green Heirloom 56 56
Cabbage Red Heirloom 48 48
Celery 148 148
Cucumbers Homemade Pickling Heirloom 0
Cucumbers Marketmore Slicing Heirloom 0
Eggplant Green Round green 27 37 21 85
Eggplant Ratna Round purple 162 139 250 551
Eggplant Shiva Long purple 92 92
Hot Pepper Agri 31 36 67
Hot Pepper Cayenne Heirloom 89 56 145
Hot Pepper Cherry Heirloom 31 31
Hot Pepper Jalapeno Heirloom 5 22 40 67
Hot Pepper Mohini 19 48 67
Kale Blue Curled Scotch Heirloom 8 76 84
Marigolds NCF Heirloom 162 162
Parsley Heirloom 96 96
Pepper Ace Green Hybrid 6 14 20
Pepper Blend Mix Heirloom 0
Pepper CA Wonder Green Heirloom 32 32
Pepper Chinese Giant Green 20
Pepper Etiuda Orange Heirloom 25 25
Pepper Long Red Red Heirloom 2 26 65 93
Pepper Mini Red Red Heirloom 4 24 28
Pepper Revolution green Hybrid 72 72
Pepper Sunbright Yellow Heirloom 0
Pepper Sweet Banana Yellow 4 32 36
Squash, Summer Heirloom 47 47
Strawberry Plants Sparkle Heirloom 12 267 279
Swiss Chard Rainbow Heirloom 0
Tomatoe Beefstake Bush Red Heirloom 0
Tomatoe Big Beef Vine Red Hybrid 4 3 7
Tomatoe Early Girl Vine Red Hybrid 23 23
Tomatoe Fox Cherry Vine Red Heirloom 4 15 19
Tomatoe Golden Jubilee Bush Orange Heirloom 60 60
Tomatoe Gooseberry Vine Yellow Heirloom 48 48
Tomatoe Pineapple Bush Mixed Heirloom 31 16 47
Tomatoe Red Duece Bush Red Hybrid 2 22 34 58
Tomatoe Roma Bush Red Heirloom 10 146 156
Tomatoe Superstake Vine Red Hybrid 20 20
Tomatoe Yellow Pear Vine Yellow Heirloom 51 51
Zucchini Golden yellow Heirloom 0
Zucchini Green green Heirloom 38 38
Beans Val Padi Priya 32 32
Dosaki Sambar 0
Okra 0
Gongoora Red Stem 2 60 62
Gourd, Ridge Rishi 90 90
Gourd, Bottle Bhim 33 12 45
Gourd, Bitter Jawahar 0
Gourd, Bitter Bahadur 0
Gourd, Snake Viper 0

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