New Creations Farm is starting a CSA. We will be putting together our CSA boxes using locally sourced organically and sustainable grown products. We will have a large variety of products available to choose from for our CSA. Share prices for vegetables and fruits will be $14, $22, and $30 for the Spring shares, per week, and $12, $24, and $30 for the summer shares, per week. Bread shares, Egg shares, and Poultry Shares can be added. We are in the process of working out some delivery spots. Personal home delivery will be $5.00 a delivery for local areas. There are 8 share weeks left in spring share. Summer has 13 weeks. We do have a drop spot available in downtown Bloomsburg. Buyers Clubs are $5.00 for delivery unless order is added to a CSA order. Deliveries farther away will be a bit more.

We are also offering a CSA for Saint Joseph’s School in Danville as a school fundraiser. We will donate 10% of all sales to the school when ordering using the SJS Fundraiser CSA order form.

Shares need to be paid upfront before any deliveries. Extra items can be added to your deliveries by placing an order with our online store and paying for it there.

Coolers with ice in them will be needed for deliveries of meats and for warm weather to help preserve the freshness upon delivery.

If you are interested in a flyer with all the CSA info and choices, please contact us at, or by phone at 570-441-6341 and 570-854-1708. A quick text first will help with our phone communications.

We are putting together delivery routes, days, and times. We will be delivering both the CSA boxes and Buyers Club boxes on the same routes.

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