Cucumbers and their Benefits


  • 1.  Being 96% water, cucumbers are great for keeping  you hydrated.
  • 2. Cucumbers relieve heartburn and hot skin after sunburns  or just spending the day in the sun. They are also full of skin-lavishing  minerals like magnesium, potassium and silicon, and are used in spa treatments  all the time for this reason.
  • 3. They flush out toxins effectively, and may even help  dissolve kidney stones.
  • 4. Cucumbers are full of antioxidants – especially vitamins  A, B, and C that boost immunity and give you more energy when you are feeling  lethargic.
  • 5. Cucumbers can help you lose weight by offering great  nutrition and high-water content.
  • 6. Slices of cucumbers on the eyes can reduce puffiness and  redness.
  • 7. Several studies show that compounds in cucumbers help  to fight cancer.
  • 8. They stabilize blood pressure.
  • 9. They refresh the mouth and gums, while even healing  diseased gums.
  • 10. Cucumbers aid in digestion due to their fiber and water  content.
  • 11. Silica is great for the hair, nails and skin – so  cucumbers are a beautifying food.
  • 12. Cucumbers can soothe joint pain due to their high  levels of antioxidants.
  • 14. They support the pancreas for insulin production,  so they are great for diabetics.
  • 15. They reduce bad cholesterol due to the presence of  plant sterols.
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