Benefits of Red Beets


1. Lower Blood Pressure, Boost Cardiovascular Health –  A study published in  2008 in the journal Hypertension found that red beets contain nitrate  that can help reduce blood sugar. It does this by encouraging vascular dilation  and is also the cause for beets being seen as a natural aphrodisiac. 2. Prevents Muscle Soreness and Boosts… Continue reading Benefits of Red Beets

Cucumbers and their Benefits

cucumber benefits

CUCUMBERS 1.  Being 96% water, cucumbers are great for keeping  you hydrated. 2. Cucumbers relieve heartburn and hot skin after sunburns  or just spending the day in the sun. They are also full of skin-lavishing  minerals like magnesium, potassium and silicon, and are used in spa treatments  all the time for this reason. 3. They… Continue reading Cucumbers and their Benefits