Alfalfa – For a healthier you

What is in Alfalfa for me?

Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, U, B-Complex, Minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, copper, zinc, iodine, boron), Trace minerals (chromium, molybdenum,  selenium, manganese, tin, nickel), Chlorophyll, Digestive enzymes (lipase, amylase, protease, coagulase, emulsin, invertase, peroxidase, pectinaze, cellulase), high fiber, good  source of amino acids (protein) & Beta-carotene. Certified kosher. Organically grown, sun & air-dried alfalfa leaves from mature (5-7 yrs old) plants, rather than young (under 1 yr) plants.

How do I take Alfalfa?
See label. Divided doses with meals. May also be taken as a tea. Take: at first sign of oncoming cold, flu, etc; before & during allergy season; as soon as possible after an injury; regularly for ‘chronic’ issues; at beginning of meals as digestive aid; as antacid; as an anti-inflammatory; daily as nutrient-rich food. Also helpful for pets with these same concerns.

Why take  Alfalfa?
Known as the “King of Plants”: Roots grow very deep into the earth (up to 125 ft) creating an extremely nutrient-rich food; natural anti-histamine, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relief) & diuretic; maintains body’s delicate water balance; supports healthy kidney & bladder (makes urine less acidic); normalizes body chemistry (very alkalizing); cleanses body of toxins & aids in their removal from the body; provides digestive enzymes improving digestion & elimination; alkalizing property has antacid effect; blond & body cleanser purifier & deodorizer /alleviating body odors); natural chelating agent (helps remove arterial plaque); dissolves uric acid (which can create  joint inflammation & pain); regulates acid/alkaline balance within body;
Vitamin K enhances blood’s natural clotting ability (protects against hemorrhaging);
Vitamin U beneficial in healing of ulcers;
Vitamin A builds healthy skin, including internal linings of throat, nose, stomach, intestinal tract, reproductive tract, etc.; alkalizing property discourages the proliferation of both antigens (allergy producing) & pathogens (bacteria, virus, fungus, etc.)thereby alleviating allergies & many illnesses; natural antioxidant (fights free radical damage); helps eliminate radiation or chemotherapy poisoning, restore DNA of cells & has been shown to slow cancer growth; improves hormone balance (alleviating menopause symptoms, performs as a blood thinner preventing blood clots; beneficial for anemic conditions; brings body back to a state of homeostasis. THINK OF AS A  SUPER HEALTHY SALAD, GREEN VEGGIES or “GREENS DRINK’! Alkalizing effect: average fruit or vegetable is from 1 – 10 units alkaline. Alfalfa is approx. 130 units alkaline. The typical North America diet is very acidifying making alfalfa’s alkalizing properties extremely beneficial in numerous ways. Disease, in general, proliferates in an acidic environment, therefore is greatly deterred by an alkaline environment (see Acid/Alkaline Body Chemistry in Part Two),
Note: For information on colloidal minerals see Vitamins & Minerals in Part Two.

What issues can Alfalfa help me with?

Any muscle or joint aches/pains/stiffness/swelling (arthritis, osteo, carpal tunnel, bursitis, tendonitis, sciatica, injuries, edema, etc.); allergies; asthma; respiratory issues (bronchitis, etc.); bone loss; digestive issues (indigestion, heartburn, bloating, ulcers, etc.); elimination issues (constipation, etc.); skin issues (acne, psoriasis, etc.); body or foot odor; bad breath; detoxing during cleanses; cardio issues (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arterial plaque, etc., gout (Helps dissolve uric acid so it passes through kidneys); kidney concerns; tissue water retention; hormones & menopause; trace mineral deficiencies; elevated blood sodium levels; slow tissue healing; prenatal & lactating mothers; improved immune functioning; provides trace minerals required to heal bones, injuries, etc.; alkalizing effect very helpful for flu/colds & virtually any & all illness/disease conditions; a nutrient-rich food.

Aflalfa has many beneficial qualities make it a popular supplement. It’s cleansing effects,  however, may require that you start slow & build up to avoid uncomfortable cleansing  reactions. Recommended amounts are 3 – 6 tablets daily, in divided doses with meals.  However, many have found higher amounts to be extremely beneficial depending on the  situation. As they are a whole food supplement, generous amounts are quite safe. Many
testify to the beneficial use of up to 30 per day & even more for short periods when dealing with particular issues (i.e. lnflammation). Learn to listen to your body &/or consult your health practitioner for what quantities are best for you in any given situation.

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