Four Pillars of Health from Academy of Applied Epigenetics

Crimpson Crisp

  Four Pillars Of Health Eliminate negatives and increase positives The following negatives can interfere with nutrient absorption and retention and should be avoided. carbonated drinks caffeine high fiber diets high fat diets processed sugar and refined carbohydrates Why should you avoid these negatives? No Carbonated drinks – they are public enemy number one, whether it’s… Continue reading Four Pillars of Health from Academy of Applied Epigenetics

Organic Kiwi Berries

organic kiwi berries

Organic Kiwi Berries Organic Kiwi Berries are a One-of-a-kind…fruit unequaled in taste and nutrition and grown organically so it is safe for you to eat! Refrigerate your kiwi berries after purchase and they will keep up to two weeks. For an optimum flavor experience Kiwi Berries should be ripened at room temperature. Their skin will… Continue reading Organic Kiwi Berries

Endocreme Sold Here

New Creations Farm

Sedna Specialty Health Products is announcing a new all natural progesterone formulation-endocreme’ Dermal Balancing Solution. The company has been marketing topically applied natural progesterone products for 25 years and is proud to introduce this new pure and simple solution. The new endocreme’ Dermal Balancing Solution contains only four (4) ingredients: Saffiower oil (organic and kosher),… Continue reading Endocreme Sold Here

Duck Eggs

Ducks for Sale

Why are Duck Eggs better for you than chicken eggs. They are alkaline where chicken eggs are acidic . Cancer likes an acidic environment. They are higher in protein also. We will have them again for sale in the Spring of 2016