Today 8-10-15

Now available. Some in the Refrigerator.
Okra, (Ladyfinger, Bendkai, Bhindi) 7 lbs, Ridge Gourds (Turia or Luffa) – 5, Bitter Gourds – 6, Bottle Gourds (Lauki) – 2, Asparagus – 1/2lb, Val Padi/Pyra Beans – 1lb, Cluster Beans – 2lb, Long Beans – 2lb (Not sure how many are good ones as this is the first time harvesting these), Red Kidney Beans – 1 1/2 bushel, Some Lima Beans, Lots of Gongura Chard, Lots of Cherry Tomatoes, Chili Peppers, Some Bell Peppers (Capsium), Red Beets (Beet Root), Lots of Kale, Cucumbers, Yellow Cucumbers (Dosakai), Some Dried Northern White Beans, and some French Horticultural Beans.

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