We now have the following with much of it stored in the refrigerator.

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20 lbs of Okra (Ladyfinger, Bendkai, Bhindi)

27 Ridge Gourds (Turia, Luffa)

28 Bitter Gourds

Bottle Gourds (Lauki, Doodhi) – 9 long light green, 7 long dark green, n 3 large round

4 lbs of Eggplant – Mostly small round green, a few long purple, and two small round purple

Lots of Gongura Chard

Lots of Kale

Lots of Chili Peppers

Lots of Cherry Tomatoes, Some Roma Tomatoes, and a few slicing tomatoes

Some Green Bell Peppers (Capsium)

Lots of Yellow Cucumbers (Dosakai)

A few regular cucumbers

Some Lima Beans

1/2 lb of Cluster Beans

Lots of Sunflowers for Bouquets.

Lots of Sage, Some Dill, and other herbs



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