Turkey Poults, Meat Chicks, & Layer Pullets

Turkey Poults, Meat Chicks, and Layer Pullets

We (New Creations Farm) are thinking of ordering some Turkey Poults, Meat Chicks, and Layer Pullets.  We can get a larger discount by ordering larger amounts.  If anyone is interested in saving some money and getting some excellent quality birds, please let us know.  The turkey poults will be about $6 or less depending on the amount ordered.  They are white, but other kinds of poults are available but cost a little more.  We can get Meat Chicks delivered here to our farm for about $2.00 each and maybe a little less if we order a larger quantity.  We would order them for April or May.  We also can purchase Layer Pullets which would be ready to lay shortly after getting them.  They would be about $10 or less depending again on amount purchased.  They are brown egg layers.  As of now they would not arrive until end of June, but we will see if we can get our name in for some earlier, as sometimes they have extra or cancellations.  Please let us know if you would like more info, or want to order with us to get the discount prices on any of these birds.  You can contact us at 570-854-1708.

For those who would like to order Heavy Meat Birds or Layers to eat, we will have them in late summer or early fall, dressed and ready to eat or freeze.  Not sure on the price for the meat birds as of now, but the Layers would be about $14.00.  We would need $10.00 now with your order and $4.00 at time of pick up in the fall.  We will be feeding the layers organic feed all summer and have organic eggs available from these birds until they are butchered.  Not sure if we are going to raise the meat chicks on organic feed or regular feed.  Demand and price will determine this.

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