Chicken for Sale

Meat Chickens Cooked
Taking Orders for Broiler Meat Chickens. Avg weight is about 6lbs. They are $2.00 a lb. Will be butchering more this Thursday. Have about 20 left to sell.
We also have about 15 one yr old layers for sale. They would be $10.00 dressed, whole, and in freezer bags. We would probably butcher them next week. Need to now if any one wants any of them by this weekend.
We also have 15 young laying hens that we are feeding organic feed to. They are also available to butcher. They would be $12.00 a piece.
We are also taking orders for older laying hens for this September into October. Would have access to about 100 or so birds to butcher. Price would be $10.00 each. If you purchase one of the yr old layers next week, that will tell you what the ones in the September will be like.

If you would like your chicken cut in pieces, that would be $1.00 extra.

We can skin them or leave the skin on. Your choice. Just let us know.

We also have some chicken parts available for soup or broth making.

Call Tonia today to order your chickens. 570-854-1708

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