2 Bottle Gourds (Lauki), 19 Ridge Gourds (Turia,Luffa Squash), 13 Bitter Gourds, 2 qts val padi beans, 4 qts green beans, some cooking onions, cucumbers, some tomatoes, gongura chard red n white varieties, lots of kale, some swiss chard, basil, beet root, and a little bit of fenugreek.
2 dozen eggs from the organic fed chickens
9 dozen regular eggs
Okra (Bendkai, Bhindi, Ladyfinger), Eggplant, Hot Chili Peppers – should have some more soon as for now they have been selling as fast as we get them.
Green Peppers (Capsium) and Yellow Cucumber (Dosakai) soon.

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