Farm Fresh Organic Produce Today

We now have 15 bitter gourds, 2 qts val padi, 20 ridge gourds, 20 bottle gourds, 5 lb okra, gongura chard ( red n white), Egg Plant, Tomatoes (Red Slicers, Yellow Slicers, Green, Roma, Yellow n Red Cherry, Yellow Pear), Hot Peppers (habenero, hungarian wax, jalapeno, chile, and red cherry), a few peppers, a few sweet onions, some yellow summer squash, lots of Kale, some swiss chard, lots of parsley and lot of basil. A few green beans.
We also have 1 frozen turkey for sale.
We will be butchering some chickens on Friday. Young layers that we are feeding organic feed to. They are $12 and $1 to cut up. We also have some broiler meat chickens which we have also been finishing off with organic feed. Their price will be the same unless their weight if more than 4lbs. Not sure of their current weight until we butcher them.
We also have 3 organic male ducks for sale. $15.00 each butchered or $12.00 each live.
Great weekend ahead for horseback trail rides and pony garden walks. Time slots are filling up, so contact Tonia today at 570-854-1708 to reserve your time spot this weekend as the weather forecast is looking great.
Sunflower bouquets and Marigold flowers for sale.

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