Day 1 – DDDL – Dr Wallach

Dr Joel Wallach is uniquely qualified to teach us about our ability to remain healthy and live a long life. Having practiced and been educated as both a veterinarian and physician, he witnessed first hand the significance of diet and nutrition in both instances. In addition, as part of an extensive research program funded by a seven and a half million dollar grant, he performed thousands of autopsies to determine the cause of disease and death of animals and humans alike. As a result of his extensive experience, education and research, both academically and hands-on, he has presented irrefutable evidence of why and how we can either physically suffer or enjoy a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. His message has enlightened millions of people throughout the world about health and longevity. He has done this through books, new articles, research papers, tapes, and his nationally syndicated radio program and most effectively through his lecture series, ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie’. On average, he conducts over 300 live lectures per year. What you are about to read in the next few weeks are excerpts from his lecture series. Recognized throughout the world as the ‘Mineral Doctor’, let’s consider some of the most eye-opening information you may have ever read about the state of our health and what you can do to enjoy a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

This and all following info from Dr Wallach is from transcripts by Blake Graham with members of Youngevity’s scientific advisory board.

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