Four Pillars of Health from Academy of Applied Epigenetics


Four Pillars Of Health

  1. Eliminate negatives and increase positives

    The following negatives can interfere with nutrient absorption and retention and should be avoided.

    • carbonated drinks
    • caffeine
    • high fiber diets
    • high fat diets
    • processed sugar and refined carbohydrates

    Why should you avoid these negatives?

    • No Carbonated drinks – they are public enemy number one, whether it’s sparkling water, club soda or any of the soft drinks. No soda pop, that includes all carbonated beverages.

      Moms and Dads, would you allow your child to sit in front of you at the table and consume 8 teaspoons of sugar? Absolutely not! You would be horrified to see a child eating 8 teaspoons of sugar, that’s how much sugar is in a can of soda pop.

      The carbonation or bubbles are made out of phosphoric acid. The phosphorous in the phosphoric acid makes it very difficult for Calcium to be absorbed and lowers the Calcium in the body, which over time can develop into Osteoporosis, Obesity, Type II diabetes, Osteopenia and etc.?

      Carbonation actually neutralizes stomach acid, it destroys the digestive enzymes, which is required to absorb minerals, B-12 and digest protein. Without stomach acid you’re not going to properly digest your food or get the value from your supplements; that alone should be enough reason to stop drinking soda pop and it’s expensive.

    • No Caffeine, whether it’s in tea, coffee, soft drinks; caffeine causes stress on the liver, because the liver must now detoxify it, using up many nutrients and enzymes such as Selenium, B6, Glutathione, B3 and amino acids along with the Essential Fatty Acids.

      Caffeine also increases the stress hormones including Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Dopamine and Cortisol. These hormones produce a bunch of biochemical problems including: Increased heart rate and blood pressure, constriction of blood vessels and Cortisol increases insulin, which increases fat storage. Caffeine contributes to obesity?

      Caffeine is a diuretic, it causes the loss of every mineral except sodium through the kidneys. You might say, “I only drink decaffeinated things,” well you may have second thoughts if you knew how they truly decaffeinate, coffee?

      There are two methods of decaffeination:

      • One is called the mineral or the European method where they literally take the coffee and pass it through a very heavy mineral wash and by doing that they release the caffeine. That’s exactly what’s happening, body is shoving the minerals through your kidneys and decaffeinating that coffee.
      • Formaldehyde is another method of decaffeination. Formaldehyde is nasty little chemical used in embalming fluid. So do you really want to drink this stuff?

      Caffeine also pushes the prostaglandins. So caffeine is not a good idea if you have Asthma, Heart Disease or if you want to have a great athletic performance.

      The USDA says the equivalent of five cups of coffee, 500 mg of caffeine a day, will increase your risk of mineral deficiency diseases by 500%, which includes Osteoporosis, Degenerative Arthritis, Osteo Arthritis, fractures and things like Diabetes.

    • No High fiber diets – they are very bad, there are fitates in fiber. Fitates are a mixture of carbon chains and Phosphorous and they will chelate or bind to the supplemental minerals or the natural minerals that might be in your diet so you cannot absorb them.
    • No High fat diets, such as fried foods, it’s going to bind to these minerals and make soaps you cannot absorb—do not consume trans fatty acids, partially hydrogenated oils or vegetable oils.

      Eat butter, not margarine—margarine is a pure trans fat and needs to be avoided, because trans fats are free radicals and cause cancer. A trans fatty acid is usually made out of very cheap oil, corn oil being the most common. They heat it to 360 degrees Fahrenheit and then they impound it or integrate hydrogen gas into it. They have now converted that polyunsaturated oil, i.e. being corn oil into a true saturate, it is this black, icky, stinky ooze. After cooling, they bleach it white with chlorine gas, add colorings, flavorings and deodorizers—a cheap fat known as margarine.

      They have now changed it from a Linolenic Acid into what’s called a trans fatty acid. The body has no enzymes to breakdown those trans fatty acids, so your body has to treat them as a toxins—your body has to utilize a lot of antioxidant nutrients to try to convert these guys or eliminate them from the body or store them as fat. Unfortunately these trans fatty acids turn into free radical biochemistry; it’s the free radicals that actually cause cancer or Heart Disease; they’re certainly not healthy for you.

      Don’t eat anything deep fat fried because as you heat that oil, combine it with oxygen, it is now becomes a trans fat.

      The President’s Office of Management and Budget has been encouraging people to eat foods that are high in the Omega 3 fatty acids. Those include your Essential Fatty Acids; such as fish are very high in the Omega 3 fatty acids. So there’s quite a bit you can do to enhance the absorption, no fried foods, carbonated drinks or caffeine.

    • No Processed sugar or refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates are those foods that have been processed by man; things like white flour, white rice and even most pastas are considered refined carbohydrate. Sugar can be hidden in food labels, everybody thinks of sugar as just the flakey white stuff you put on your table. It’s anything that ends in an ‘ose’ is a sugar. That includes dextrose, fructose, galactose and etc. we go on and on.

      Sugar brings with it no nutrients, so it has to rob other nutrients from your body in order for your body to metabolize that sugar, either to convert to energy or store it as a fat.

      Sugar loading produces the wrong kind of prostaglandin a group of hormone-like substances. These bad prostaglandins cause less energy and oxygen flow, increases fat storage and higher clotting capacity—a concern with people who have Heart Disease or if you are an athlete.

      If you are craving sugar you may want to add a little extra Chromium or Vanadium to your diet, it will help with the sugar cravings and help with sugar metabolism.

      If you’re craving chocolate it’s because your body needs magnesium.

      In 1975 the US Department of Agriculture said, “a teaspoon of sugar in your coffee, increases the loss of minerals in the human body by 300% over the normal daily period of twelve hours.” That’s why our kids are developing Diabetes, ADD, ADHD, Turrets Syndrome, Depression having Strokes at three years of age, and they’re on Ritalin.

      Honey is a refined sugar, your body converts it into sugar very rapidly. So does molasses, even though it brings with it some B Vitamins and few minerals, it’s still a refined carbohydrate.

      Included in the refined carbohydrate category is juices. I recommend you dilute down your juices—it takes from four to six oranges to make a small glass of orange juice? I would much rather you eat the fruit than to drink the juice. Refined carbohydrates make you fat.

      Then they’re things like corn solids and corn sweeteners, these are other names for sugar. Sugar increases insulin and fat storage, it also increased triglycerides, and increases your Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL). High sugar in the blood stream decreases the body’s ability for circulation and leads to obesity and Type II Diabetes. Sugar dramatically depresses the immune system.

      T-cells are literally the seed of your immune system. Their job is to go and find viruses, bacteria or a cell that is starting to replicate wrong or cancer cell. These T-cells then take a biochemical picture of that cell, run back to the thymus and make an army specifically to go and fight that bad guy that’s not supposed to be in your body.

      If you take a T-cell and put it under a microscope—it’s moving around nice and quickly, when you cover this T-cell with a sugar solution, he holds completely still. Have changed his ability to move. Now if we wash that T-cell with some normal saline, simulating the human blood stream—it starts moving around again. We have crippled that T-Cell and it no longer can move as fast or as quickly to do its job. Scientists say we develop 30 to 40 cancer cells a day. In other words you have lowered your immune system, increase your risk of cancer and opened yourself up to infections such as Chronic Yeast Infections.

  2. Take the 90 essential nutrients

  3. Digestion and absorption

  4. Hormones

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