We have organic kiwi for sale today.  $5.00 a pint.  5 times the vitamin c of an orange.

Honey from a local bee farmer – Wildflower Honey – $8.00 for 1 lb jars and $5.00 for 12 oz bears.  Bee pollen also and can special order larger jars of honey.

Non organic apples, peaches, and pear.  Some organic apples from our own trees.

Ridge Gourds – picked 30 yesterday and about 40 in the refrige from earlier this week

Okra – picked 5 lbs yesterday and about 10 lbs from earlier this week and 10 lbs left from last week

Lots of Kale, Gongura Chard, and Chili Peppers

Some yellow cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, lima beans, decorative gourds,and ornamental corn.

Horseback trail rides, pony rides, and horse riding lessons


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