This may have been using Great Grow Soil Amendment, as they have been working with some of the orange growers in Florida. We use and sell Great Grow Soil Amendment here at New Creations Farm. It is truly amazing stuff.

GMO Free USA's photo.

GMO Free USA with Justin Wee

BREAKING: Soil remediation breakthrough cures citrus greening disease, a disease caused by a bacteria that has been devastating Florida’s citrus crops. Suspected cause? Agrichemicals! Meanwhile, the USDA has been wasting millions of taxpayer dollars to try to develop a GMO orange tree that would be resistant to the bacteria. It seems the government is misguided in its approach and has been unduly influenced by an industry that has yet to deliver anything safe and useful and instead puts our health and the future of our food at risk with open field trials of unnecessary genetically engineered organisms.

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