Endocreme Sold Here

Sedna Specialty Health Products is announcing a new all natural progesterone
formulation-endocreme’ Dermal Balancing Solution. The company has been
marketing topically applied natural progesterone products for 25 years and is proud to
introduce this new pure and simple solution.
The new endocreme’ Dermal Balancing Solution contains only four (4) ingredients:
Saffiower oil (organic and kosher), Progesterone USP (from organic wild yam),
Vtamin E oil (organic and kosher), and Citrus seed extract (organic). Now packaged
in an easy to use 2 oz. plastic pump bottle-each pump application yields 5 mg. of the
desired nuffient. The new 2 oz. bottle contains approximately 300 pumps or 75 four pump applications. The average usage of this product is 4 pumps once or twice daily
for a 14 or 21 day schedule every month. Your applications can now easily be increased or decreased, depending on the desired need. Based on individual usage, a bottle can yield up to a 5 month supply.
The use of progesterone from wild yam was first formulated for marketing in the
early 1980s and was in a Vtamin E oil base. Since that time many products have
been formulated, some with an extensive list of ingredients.  Then Sedna introduced
the “Endocreme” Dermal Balancing Serum in 1994, it was a “state of the art” product
because of the unique delivery system. However the dropper application did not allow
for a precise enough adjustment in the amount applied. The new “Endocreme” Dermal
Balancing Solution is pure simplicity with a proven delivery system, designed to
provide a more accurate control of each application.
Progesterone is easily dissolved in vitamin E and the specific carrier oils.  When applied to the skin it is quickly absorbed and utilized efficiently by your body. Simply pump the desired amount and gently massage into the skin.

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