Organic Apples Available Now


We are happy to announce that we finally found someone to purchase organic apples from.

We currently have some Macintosh organic Apples. We can get Courtland, JonaGold, Empire, Yellow Delicious, Ida Red, Fuji and Gala. Some of these varieties are just being picked and will be available shortly.

Prices for organic apples are as follows. $4.00 a quart, $6.00 a 1/4 peck, $8.00 a 1/2 peck, $12.00 a peck, and $20.00 a 1/2 Bushel.

Please let us know what kind of apples you would like us to have and if you would like some by larger quantities, please place an order for them so we can have them here for you.

We also still have about 20 lbs of organic kiwi available. Not sure how much longer we will have the kiwi.

We also have some non organic fruit. We have pears, yellow gala apples, and macintosh apples.

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