organic fed meat chickens
organic fed meat chickens

We have organic fed laying hens for sale. They were raised for 17 weeks on regular feed. Then when we purchased them, we put them on organic feed. They have been on organic feed for at least 5 weeks. We can butcher them for $12.00 each. We also can cut them up in pieces for $1.00 more. They dress out at about 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 lbs and are very tender.
We also have eggs from these organic fed chickens.
We have organic fed meat chickens for sale. They were raise for 4 weeks on regular feed and then for 4 weeks on organic feed. They are $2.50 a lb dressed. They average about 6-8 lbs each. We can cut them up for $1.00 more.
We can butcher the chickens with or without skin. Whole or cut up in pieces.
For those who would like Halal chickens, we allow you to come or bring someone who can perform the Halal.
We are on facebook at New Creations Farm.

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