Organic Sweet Corn Today

Organic Sweet Corn Today.  All our Produce is organic.

Today we have some very sweet organic sweet corn available.  $6.00 a dozen, $16.00 for 50, or $30.00 for a hundred.  Taste the Difference.

We can get more if anyone needs a larger amount.

Lots of Eggplant

Potatoes (yukon gold or purple), Candy onions, Cooking Onions, Garlic, Hot peppers, Bell Peppers, Banana Peppers, Beets, Carrots,

Kale, Cabbage, Green beans, basil, italian oregano, sage, parsley, and Gongura Chard(Red or White).

We have a limited supply of bitter gourd, val padi beans, cilantro, tomatoes, and rainbow swiss chard.

Organic Duck Eggs and lots of chicken eggs from our organic fed layers.

Lots of Layers to butcher for meat.

Freshly canned Corn Relish (hot or plain), Hot pepper relish, Tomatoe Butter, Red Beets, and Sweet Dill Pickles.

1/2 pint of tinder gourd.  maybe some ridge gourd or bottle gourd.  one snake gourd.

Organic Meat Broilers should be ready to butcher about the last week of August.  Have about 10 left to sell.

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