Organic Kiwi Berries

Organic Kiwi Berries are a One-of-a-kind…fruit unequaled in taste and nutrition and grown organically so it is safe for you to eat!

Refrigerate your kiwi berries after purchase and they will keep up to two weeks.

For an optimum flavor experience Kiwi Berries should be ripened at room temperature.

Their skin will turn darker green, become slightly wrinkled, and they will yield to gentle pressure when first ready to eat.  The enhanced flavor of these berries is realized when they are really wrinkled – and they look fairly ugly.

Everyone’s preference is different so let your fruit ripen and test them as they progress to find your favorite stage.

Kiwi Berries are sensational for out-of-hand eating.  Their smooth skin makes them easy to enjoy anywhere and a convenient on-the-go nutritional energy snack.

These berries are versatile in culinary creations too.  Our Chef friends have created salad dressings, vinegars, salsas, marinades, sauces for entrees, and sorbet.  They also add a nutritious twist to beverages from non-alcoholic spritzers and health food drinks to wines, meads, and beers.

Kiwi Berries pair well with orange, lemon, honey, and chocolate.

The uses are limited only by one’s imagination…have fun  and enjoy!

You can see more about the goodness of kiwi berries at

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