Ridge Gourds (Turia, Luffa Squash)

Lots of Ridge Gourds (Turia,  Luffa Squash) available now.

Lots of Gongura Chard available.

Now taking orders for this weekend. You may want to place an order to insure you get the produce desired. Some things are in limited amounts.
Still have a few pints of kiwi left. Depending on how many we sell in the next few days, we may need to get more for the weekend. But we will need you to let us know how many pints you would like when you come. Otherwise we may not have enough and we do not wish for any to be unused as it is so delicious.
Also have a few organic apples of our own.
We do have some non organic mac and other baking apples, along with some non organic pears.

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